I am Excited to Introduce Khalid

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Book 4 of the Protectress explores the coming of age of her warrior grandchildren. The story also relates a new and surprising relationship between Lord Tokugawa Toshio and the desert son of god Ptah, Khalid.

Khalid is the present day offspring of a seed planted by Ptah over 6,000 years ago. Called his desert sons and daughters they were children born to him from females of the human tribes. The strongest and the most beautiful of them and having his temperament became the supreme warrior offspring of the tribe. Chosen at birth by the Protector and brother Merneptah, Khalid became the desert prince. His brother stole the beautiful Egyptian giant’s heart at an early age. His love not reciprocated the unthinkable happened on Khalid’s 600th birthday. Lord Tokugawa Toshio.

Mandated by his family to avenge his brother’s death the surviving heir to the Tokugawa fortune planned to die at the tip of Khalid’s blade. But the Lord Tokugawa Toshio stalks Khalid and finds himself unprepared for the beauty of the desert prince. Khalid was unprepared to meet such untouched youth haunted by the ancient homoerotic paths of the samurai, “The Beautiful Ways”.

A life dedicated to abstinence and the sutras, the stunning young Japanese Lord Tokugawa finds in his enemy Khalid a need that transcends the death wish to a gift of love neither thought possible.

Book 4 continues to relate the struggles of the tribe and its betrayers. Toshio finds himself in the middle of Rachel’s war and in love with the supreme warrior to the Protectors, Khalid.

The Coming of Seth Book 3 of the Protectress

We understood their kindnesses and love over 65,000 years ago, long before man made time. Mimicking their old ways destroyed by great floods and land shifts. They taught us how to live when “Khemit” was lush green even to the time when it turned to vast lands of sand. They became stewards of the man-kind and kept close to their hearts the promise. The promise made thousands of years before the building of the ziggurat with the face of the woman Tefnut; the Greeks called the Sphinx. They planned the blending of our races to make supreme beings to live within the balance of the universe.

So long ago, we forgot the laws of the Ma’at…and the phases of universe. The ancient Hindu named these phases the “yugas”, the ancients of Egypt the Precession of the Ma’at. For tens of thousands of years their teachings have become meaningless dogmas and most of us no longer recognize the tribe’s presence among us. They have not forgotten their promise. The blending of the two tribes has begun. The son of the Protectress Meretneith, the Ptah a Tanen, has produced a son possessed of all the strengths and powers of the oldest tribes.

His arrival coincides with the cycles of the “yugas”. This is the time of the coming of Seth. He is the first physical expression of the true blending of the tribes that lights our path to Ma’at. This book continues the stories of the Protectress. It tells of her grandson Seth’s arrival and struggles to overcome the treachery of his sister, and of his deep and unusual love for the human brother Joshua.