Volume one…


I came into this life during a time of great change. It was period of great achievements resulting from many millennia of hard work and bloodshed; all done to achieve the Ma’at…the Universal Balance. Five thousand years of my life have passed in the beat of a heart. I stand now in awe on threshold of the coming of a new beginning.

As the Protectress, my walk through life has often been solitary and I have taken the lives of millions but I am not alone. My lovers, Ptah and Saul are at my side to usher in this new time. My second born and son Merneptah is the Ptah a’ Tanen. He will end my tribe’s tradition and assume the mantle of the first male Protector and Steward of our beloved Earth. I have created the monster in this beautiful giant male…for he is a supreme killer of our enemies and the Old Ones. He is the ultimate warrior.

But I digress and there’s more of me I want to share beyond the writings of my brother Ptah. Many things you need to know about our lives that Ptah failed to share in his books.

Let me begin at the beginning. You may not know that my life began during the times of the Pharaoh Menes. My brother and I were born to the alpha pair of sister and brother as was the way in our tribe. The mantle of the Protector always follows the bloodline falling on the shoulders of the firstborn…the female. My tribe continued its old ways even beyond the Great Destruction. My mother Asherah was the greatest of the Protectors. My father El was her consort. The roads to survival for both tribes were hard and violent. But my parents were supreme warriors and often turned the sea of desert sands red with enemy blood in defense of our tribes.

Earth’s great land shifts had long passed. My tribe called it the Great Destruction because so many of us died. There remain for a time smaller earthquakes here and there. Human Kind learned as did we to stake our homes in places of calm in order to rebuild our families. By the time of the coming of my brood, the splitting of great lands forming new continents and new oceans became mere stories told from retellings of our elders.

We witnessed the coming of man. We witnessed the awful struggles. For eons, my tribe remained silent. Until the time arrived with a revelation that humanity and my tribe, would one day merge to become the greatest expression of the Ma’at? The greatest and strongest beings ever to walk this earth would need a path to follow, one that would engage the supreme balance in consciousness. Right and powerful causes must be put to work in order bring about the omnipotent effects needed to live in a new way. The dual mandates within the future of this great generation must be wisdom and strength. So my ancient parents, Teachers and Healers came to call this the “Plan”.

Simply stated we started out over 200,000 years ago to create a grand scheme that would shape global consciousness timed to the emergence of the new tribe. We would alter the history and the future of Human Kind. It took enough lifetimes of genetic engineering and social restructuring to fill oceans.

Over the eons, our love grew for the human kind. You became part of our lives. It was love that served to cement and make real the “Plan”. In modern times, we shaped our great wealth to form the Neith Foundation. That colossal corporation is the silent overseer of the “Plan”.

Later I will share more.