“There was such force in his words. She stared back at him wondering if he could see what she was feeling. These words should be coming from his sister. Anat should be here at her side in this moment. Nevertheless, it was her son’s words of death dealing. Looking into his exquisite face, Meretneith felt conflicted. Yet there was joy in the acknowledgement of his strength.” – Meretneith the Protectress Book 1

Merneptah is the male who has become the Ptah a’ Tanen, god of all. The ancient Teacher of the tribe Ba’al foretold the coming of the first male Protector that would deliver to the world children that would lead the Human kind into the last Precession; the Golden Age of Enlightenment. The 225,000 year tradition of their tribe was being broken. And yet there was more to come, more than anyone could imagine. Because this would become the era of the Ptah a’ Tanen and his children.