This erotic fantasy is about a beautiful 5,000-year-old female warrior known among her kind as the Protectress. Meretneith covertly leads the remnants of a civilization destroyed by Earth’s catastrophic land shifts over 500,000 years ago. Her highly evolved culture thrived long before humans walked upright. A warrior that fought in the ancient deserts of Kemet, the beauty now travels the world as a business leader and death dealer in Northern African deserts.

The first in a series of novels that chronicle the events that shape then define the evolving relationships between the female warrior Protector Meretneith, her lovers and humanity. In accordance to their ancient tribal traditions, it is her brother the god Ptah. Until the emotionally cold and beautiful middle-aged giant, Saul Ben Israel enters their lives. He is the Chosen One…come to lead in the war against the primordial evil, the Hyksos or Oldest of the Old.