Ancient Egypt to the crowded cities of today is the setting for the passions and battles of the 6,000-year-old Protectress.

This book continues the stories of the passions of the grandchildren of the Protectress. The story line and characterization within both ancient Khemit and present-day tells of a desert battle and surprise love. From the boardrooms of global finance and private jets to the sands and mountains of Northern Africa and the Sahara, the books explore the struggles of the ancient warrior Meretneith, The Protectress. Weaved in retrospect, she and her brother the god Ptah relate in stunning detail the evolution of wars. There are surprising undercurrent twists in erotic relationships and LGBTQ romance that makes for an enticing read.

This series of works are unique but in my opinion enjoyable. I tried to keep close to my research on ancient pre Ptolemaic Egyptian time lines while weaving fictional accounts involving strong characters.