Meretneith Book 1 of the Protectress

by Barbara Ann Cerda

A Book review by N.N. Light’s review Jan 20, 2017

really liked it

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The world is older than you might think and humanity is on a path to self-destruction. Prophesy states there is a Chosen One who will join forces with Tribal Warriors Meretneith and her brother, Ptah (Egyptian Goddess and God retrospectively) and defeat their enemies, known as the Old Ones.

Saul Ben Izrael is a financial god in his own right and when the wealthy Neith Foundation asks for his bid on the biggest financial project the world has ever witnessed, he can’t resist. From the moment he walks into the Neith Foundation and lays eyes on beautiful CEO Meret Neith, he’s under her spell. She invites him to meet her brother in London, England and he accepts, not knowing his life will forever be changed. He’s the Chosen One and Meretneith needs her brother’s help converting Saul before the Old Ones seek their revenge.

Seductive, alluring, heady are what spring to mind when reading this book. Meretneith combines Egyptian mythology with contemporary fantasy. From the first page, I was consumed with the intertwining storylines and erotic scenes. Cerda blends history with modern day beautifully so I could suspend belief while reading. While it dragged a bit in the beginning and middle, plot-wise, the vibrant characters more than made up for it. A very well-written first book in the series that piqued my interest in reading more.

This book is an erotic romance/fantasy and I recommend readers 18+ due to adult situations, menage sex scenes and relationships.

I received a copy from the author in the hopes that I’d review it.

Favorite Character: Meretneith. I’m a sucker for a kick-ass female protagonist and Meretneith is that and so much more. Seductive, powerful (she’s a goddess) and passionate, Meretneith is all the female attributes I admire in one. It’s no wonder men worship her.

Favorite Quote: “Today she would prove to her tribe and all who would oppose her, that she would be the supreme tribal leader. Every sinew, every nerve had been prepared since birth for this moment. Countless hours in combat training, herbs and grains all prepared specifically to create her powerful body. She longed for the rising of Re and for the battle stage in the deserts of Kemet to begin.”

My Rating: 4 stars

Meretneith’s Four by Barbara Ann Cerda


Ancient Egypt to the crowded cities of today is the setting for the passions and battles of the 6,000-year-old Protectress.

This book continues the stories of the passions of the grandchildren of the Protectress. The story line and characterization within both ancient Khemit and present-day tells of a desert battle and surprise love. From the boardrooms of global finance and private jets to the sands and mountains of Northern Africa and the Sahara, the books explore the struggles of the ancient warrior Meretneith, The Protectress. Weaved in retrospect, she and her brother the god Ptah relate in stunning detail the evolution of wars. There are surprising undercurrent twists in erotic relationships and LGBTQ romance that makes for an enticing read.

This series of works are unique but in my opinion enjoyable. I tried to keep close to my research on ancient pre Ptolemaic Egyptian time lines while weaving fictional accounts involving strong characters.

I am Excited to Introduce Khalid

Meret landing page

Book 4 of the Protectress explores the coming of age of her warrior grandchildren. The story also relates a new and surprising relationship between Lord Tokugawa Toshio and the desert son of god Ptah, Khalid.

Khalid is the present day offspring of a seed planted by Ptah over 6,000 years ago. Called his desert sons and daughters they were children born to him from females of the human tribes. The strongest and the most beautiful of them and having his temperament became the supreme warrior offspring of the tribe. Chosen at birth by the Protector and brother Merneptah, Khalid became the desert prince. His brother stole the beautiful Egyptian giant’s heart at an early age. His love not reciprocated the unthinkable happened on Khalid’s 600th birthday. Lord Tokugawa Toshio.

Mandated by his family to avenge his brother’s death the surviving heir to the Tokugawa fortune planned to die at the tip of Khalid’s blade. But the Lord Tokugawa Toshio stalks Khalid and finds himself unprepared for the beauty of the desert prince. Khalid was unprepared to meet such untouched youth haunted by the ancient homoerotic paths of the samurai, “The Beautiful Ways”.

A life dedicated to abstinence and the sutras, the stunning young Japanese Lord Tokugawa finds in his enemy Khalid a need that transcends the death wish to a gift of love neither thought possible.

Book 4 continues to relate the struggles of the tribe and its betrayers. Toshio finds himself in the middle of Rachel’s war and in love with the supreme warrior to the Protectors, Khalid.

I am excited to share with you Meretneith the Protectress.

2nd Edition
2nd Edition

This is an ambitious adult fantasy novel, meant to engage the more discerning taste in the fantastical. It relates the evolving relationship between a 500,000-year-old culture and humanity.

This book is genre specific and ranges broad in storyline and characterization within both ancient Khemit and present-day. From the boardrooms of global finance and private jets to the sands and mountains of Northern Africa and the Sahara, the work explores our relationship with the beautiful 6,000-year old warrior Meretneith, The Protectress. She and her brother the god Ptah relate in stunning detail the evolution of wars and surprising undercurrent twists in erotic relationships and LGBTQ romance that makes for enticing read.